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Meet the Team

Chaotic Synergy is a musical duo who perform acoustic covers of old favorites as well as new hits. 


Eric and Michèle would love to share in your special event by adding music to make it memorable. They look forward to customizing your special event because no two events are ever the same. Have a list of songs you want performed at your special event? Share it with them! Not sure what you want to hear? No problem! They will take the lead, make suggestions and work with you to ensure you and your guests won't soon forget your special event.

Weddings: Eric and Michèle love a good wedding. Have a theme? We'll match it! Let's start planning your big day!

Stag N' Doe: Let's face it, getting married is expensive. If you're planning to raise money for your wedding, we'd love to perform at this event too!

Stag N' Doe Wedding Combo: Speaking of saving money, why not make it a two for one? Check out this option in our bookings.

Social Event: This is, well, any other type of event you can think of where adding a live performance just makes sense. Have a summer festival? We can do that! How about a Staff Christmas Party? We do that too! Not sure? Contact us and let's talk!

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